Fan’s Player Scheme – Why You Should Join Up

Usually, you get a match preview on a Friday, but most of my coverage has been done on the podcast, so if you want the lowdown on Wycombe that’s the place to go to.

I’ve spent the day with my other half in Lincoln, aside from a brief trip to Lincoln College which I’m sure I’ll write more about at a later date. As part of my day out, I was able to go and collect a prize from Sharpe’s Sweets on Sincil Street.

It was something I won through the excellent Fan’s Player Scheme, the FPS for short. This is the baby of Andrew Helgesen and I’m sure many of you are members. If you’re not, it’s £10 and you can join on eBay here.

I won a signed Neck Deep CD last year and didn’t expect to be amongst the prizes this season. I popped in to collect my sweet hamper from Sharpe’s and I felt strongly enough to write about it. Why? Because they’re a local small business who are actively backing our football club.

The hamper is great, it’ll keep my dentist in business for ages and ensure that I get force-fed greens to balance out the chocolate I’ll be gorging on over the next couple of days. The owners were lovely too, passionate about supporting the Imps and clearly chuffed to have Imps fans collecting a prize.

The hamper was proudly on display in the front window and we posed for a photo outside. They didn’t know I have a site with a decent reach amongst Imps’ fans, they didn’t know me from Adam and that made it even more special because they were just happy to be supporting the cause with no ulterior motive.

I liked that, furthermore, I respected that, so I want to give them a bit of a push on here. Hence the picture, with the shop name in. Genuinely if you like sweets, get yourself in there, they’ve got everything. Literally everything. we spent a few quid in there too, I’m a sucker for a jelly bean (and a Malteser, and a rhubarb and custard, and those little milk bottles, and anything chocolate with a crispy coating and…… you get the picture).

I messaged Helgy thanks as well. He puts a tireless amount of work into raising money for the club, he’s always selling something, getting around businesses or putting forward ideas. I’m keen to add my support wherever I can, perhaps I haven’t pushed it enough on here, so I wanted to ask him how he felt at the level of involvement and the FPS’ continued success.

“I just love the community aspect, where everyone gets involved just like Sharpe’s Sweets,” Said Helgy.

“He follows the Imps but can’t get to many games. He still wants to show his support. The FPS now has 600 members; it has evolved from its beginnings to what it is now. In our non-league days, our membership was always around 100.

“When I walk round Lincoln and see all the FPS certificates being displayed it fills me with a sense of community pride with the number of local firms now involved. I’d like to thank them all for getting involved and all the fans that have joined in.”

In its infancy, the FPS helped bring Callum Howe to the club, as well as Nathan Arnold and Sean Raggett. As wages go up it’s been harder to pin down an exact player it has helped us acquire, but it’s still a revenue stream the club value greatly as well.

Just because we’re League One doesn’t mean the fan money-raising should stop. Complacency of any sort is the road to ruin, be it on the field, the terraces or in the boardroom. That’s why schemes like this are so important.

Also, I got a foot long block of fudge. Happy days.


  1. Big thumbs up from me – I won a meal for two at Curry Jacks! Will be having a pre match curry before the Rovers game ?

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