Who next? We look at two possible candidates for the Lincoln City manager’s role

You can’t worry about things outside of your control; a former Lincoln City manager once said that. Instead, you can only focus on the things you can change and right now, Clive Nates will be doing just that from wherever he’s based right now.

The focus will be on getting in a new manager, as quick as possible. It’ll have to be a man with a bit of a track record either at this level or if not, a very successful one from below. It’ll be someone willing to work with the current structure, someone willing to try to live up to the staggering pace of progression already set by the club.

It’ll be someone likely to be given a bit of a budget to at least bring in another striker, a free agent maybe? After all, anyone who wants to play a different formation will want another front man.

It’s perhaps the most crucial decision in the clubs history; who will replace the two men who put us right back on the top of our game? Who will be willing to take on the job these two have started, the journey they put us on but have stepped out of at the crucial moment?

It’s a huge task, one that history tells us is easier to get wrong than right (George Kerr and Allan Clarke for instance), but a task that if done correctly, will see this dark day in Lincoln history become nothing more than a transitional period.

There are pitfalls to avoid in my opinion. We don’t want another DC, another hot young thing from the National League. Stepping up to League One is a huge jump and someone like Luke Garrard is a year or two away from where we need him to be. We also have to be wary of the merry-go-round managers, with Nigel Adkins presented as one some fans would like. Ask Reading and Sheffield United what they think of that idea; he’s the next Phil Brown, on a one-way journey down the divisions.

I have two people I’d like to see take over the reins, two only. Both would cost money from other clubs, both would have their advantages and I’ll look at both in this piece.


  1. I’m pretty much in agreement with this. Avoid those on the material merry go round at all costs. The only other name I would throw into the mix is if…… and it is an if….. Stoke decide they want to move on from Nathan Jones.

  2. My preference would be Michael Flynn as I don’t think we will be able to tempt Gareth away.
    Phil Parkinson has to also be a reasonable shout if we can’t get Gareth or Flynn

  3. Cant believe for a minute that Ainsworth would leave Wycombe with what he has built there. Not sure Flynn would want to come either, but agree they are the right profile. Need experience, but not a regular in the ‘sack race’.

  4. It is one thing taking a punt whilst in National League with the likes of the Cowleys …but we are in League One, a far different proposition. Nigel Adkins is a good man I am told but more importantly he is a quieter more circumspect individual who has considerable experience all the way up to the Premiership. It may be a mistake to go for a like for like personality. Adkins would be my choice. My guess is though that Clive will go for someone not quoted so far in Bookies lists!

  5. Flynn and Ainsworth only ones who could come in and do a job??? Don’t be in no doubt there are some very good people out there and much more qualified than the Cowleys and indeed the two you argue for!

  6. Gareth would be great, and cool to boot, crops up on 6 Music round table. But he’s got more of a budget this year and can’t see it happening.

    I think we’ll all be surprised, I can see young, ambitious and forward thinking no 2 from a Premiership or Championship club looking for a step into the manager’s role, Leroy Rosenior for example.

  7. This is all idealistic talk and asking long term loyal managers to move sideways.
    What about this week?
    Would Freck be a capable interim manager, with a remit to establish himself. Shacks might join the training staff in Jone 20

  8. We have come a long way. As much as I love him on comms, Steve Thompson used to be put in the ring as a semi serious consideration and I think was in for it at the same time as the Cowleys.

  9. Would we look at Ainsworth other than the fact he played here for two years? He played well but he is no more Lincoln through and through than Ben Fulcher. And in his 7 years of management he has one promotion in third place to his CV. When DC came they had something like 5 promotions and consistent play off success. And they were new and on the rise. I have nothing against Ainsworth but he is no better than Mark Robins or Nigel Adkins just to throw names out there. It is just that nonsense about an ex player being favoured. I hope Clive can do better than that.

      • I don’t want to constantly be critical but if Ainsworth had never been at Lincoln would he still be the very best of the best out there from League one and down you could get? When Danny came to us he had 6 promotions on his CV and proven success. As a full time manager Ainsworth has since 12/13 has 15th League 2, 22nd (avoided relegation on the final day), 4th (lost in the final), 13th, 9th, 3rd, 17th League one. Not saying it is awful as there is a playoff and promotion there. But there has to be better out there surely? I am just one of those people who hates this stuff about an ex player being the best. It has to be about their methods and we are already saying Ainsworth will change his style which we don’t for others.

  10. Spot on about Adkins Gary, lost it completely. Ainsworth would never leave Wycombe to come here, and appears Mrs Flynn doesn’t want to leave Wales. So who’s next in line?

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