Stacey West Podcast Episode 51 (Bubs, Rochdale and more) – Out Now

Whaaaaaat? Monday and a podcast? You lucky mofo’s.

That’s right, in a brand new policy which may or may not last, we’ve decided to do two pods a week when there is a midweek game of note. Don’t expect it for the EFL Trophy, but if it’s league action then we’re upping the ante.

This week also features more stuff recorded outside the studio than ever before. Have you wanted to here Bubs on the show? Dean Wagstaff? Jim Atkin? You know you have. They’re just three of the fans we’ve been chatting to around the Bank.

Make sure you support Ben having to listen to me waffle on twice a week by getting your ears on the case pronto.

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  1. Possibly the greatest insult ever thrown in the direction of a referee (in this instance, Carl Boyeson) from Gary…. “Utter menace”.

    Good work again chaps! Although since this came out, Flynn and Ainsworth have basically been pretty much ruled out now…

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