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Due to some recent changes on the site, we’re looking to move towards a patron system for funding and maintaining the content on offer.

The site will always be free to those who want to read it; we will never go to a full subscription service as it would alienate those who occasionally pop in or who come from other clubs or media outlets. However, the site is not cheap to run; we have hosting costs, photograph costs as well as other associated outgoings that you might not expect.

Maintenance and such like comes out of the blue and the troubles we had over the past few months are an example of how the site can throw up issues without warning. We’ve always funded it with the adverts you see but have recently been lured towards a patron system.

It works like this; you pledge a small amount each month towards the site to help keep the content regular, fresh and interesting. It’s not a huge amount, it’s as close to £2, £5 or £10 as you can get in dollars. If you can’t afford that or don’t want to, that’s not a problem I’m happy to keep putting the content out there.

Become a Patron!


However, if you feel you get suitable benefit from the site and would like to become a patron, then please follow the link below and sign up. I will be offering special ‘patron only’ benefits, primarily a prize draw each month for a small prize. It might be some back issues of DF, one of my books or something else that I’ve been gifted or come across. I may even invest some excess money in club shop vouchers or the like.

You’ll get either one, two or three entries into that draw depending on the level you choose, as well as any other benefits that I can come up with.

Thank you for your time reading this and please do consider becoming a patron. It might only be the price of a cup of coffee or a couple of drinks, but it makes a huge difference to our capability in producing regular content for you to enjoy.

Become a patron here

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  1. No ads? My snoring is terrible (so I’m told), now what am I going to do??

    Great work Gary. You deserve every success.

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