Thanks, No Thanks: Sunderland

No Thanks: Trevor Carson


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This is a big one for me. In fact, it’s a huge no thank you because in a way, it’s partly to blame for our relegation in 2011.

I do know we were crap that season, I do know we didn’t deserve to stay up and it’s as much the fault of Sutton, Tilson, Facey and a host of others as it is Sunderland, but they played a part; a big one.

Tilson didn’t rate Joe Anyon and brought in Carson on loan from Sunderland. He played from January 22nd until March 19th (a date readers of my book might remember as being significant again). In that time he kept three clean sheets, which doesn’t sound a lot, but was a big improvement for us as we’d kept five all season, with Nuneaton in the cup one of those.

In his last three games, we beat Southend 2-1 and drew 1-1 with Macclesfield and were two points from guaranteed safety.

Two points.

Sunderland recalled him and loaned him to Brentford where he played one game. We borrowed Elliot Parish, a keeper with no league experience at all and immediately shipped 14 goals in four games. Six years of non-league football followed.

If Carson stayed, we wouldn’t have gone down. That’s my firm belief. Was it a good thing that we did? With hindsight maybe but try telling that to fans like me who watched us losing at home to Welling and Salisbury.

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