Thanks, No Thanks: Sunderland

It’s always briefly exciting when I get a chance to do a new one of these for a new team. I enjoy trawling my records, leaning on other people and trying to build up a good article for you to enjoy.

The problem I have with Sunderland is this; we have little to do with them. Our paths have not crossed since the early sixties in the league and the two cup competitions we have played them in didn’t really have us needing to thank them. The 1970 League Cup game has been covered excellently by Malcolm here, whilst the FA Cup game threw up few shocks.

Still, I have a duty to put something together for you and I’ve managed to come up with a mixture of players, events and personal experience. If you’re a Mackem visiting the site for the first time, hopefully you like the article and I look forward to the inevitable 1-1 draw you seem to always secure.

Right, are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.

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