Four West Brom Under 23 stars Michael Appleton could target on loan

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s been a great 48 hours, hasn’t it? Since beating Sunderland I’ve been on cloud nine, feeling as though the rut we appeared to slide into was little more than that; a temporary rut.

No wholesale problems, nothing to see here. £6m worth of strikers finished the game for our visitors at the weekend and yet it was a simple loan player who showed the awareness and intelligence to twice pick a perfect place to be when a delivery arrived in the box.

We’ve always been able to deliver a telling ball, from Nathan Arnold in the National League to Harry Anderson, Bruno and the current crop. The old manager loaded the side with wingers which was a refreshing change from seeing strikers like Ben Tomlinson played out wide.

Michael Appleton is clearly playing the squad to its strengths, but once we get through to the winter window he’s going to be a busy man. Callum Connolly, Jake Hesketh and Joe Morrell could be recalled, although I’m told Tyler Walker has no recall option and won’t be going anywhere; that doesn’t mean we won’t need a striker. John Akinde offers one approach but if we want to keep the slick passing game up in the latter stages of matches we might need another, younger and faster option to turn to.

The new boss’s contacts will be tested when the transfer window opens and one place he may turn for inspiration is the West Brom Under 23 side. We already have Max Melbourne in the squad as cover, but could Michael Appleton go for one of these former proteges of his to bolster our squad, even if it’s from the bench?

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  1. I am not sure I agree with you about a telling ball from the wingers you mentioned Gary.
    I would like to see the stats in comparison to other teams with similar league one status.
    I think it’s an area that can be improved upon

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