Games we’ve lost to the weather – a look back at some past postponements

Losing yesterday’s game was a blow to everyone; I know Bolton fans weren’t happy with it, so much so some of them tried to smash up one of our pubs. Lads, it’s not the eighties anymore.

It may be hard for some to fathom, but we obviously wanted the game played too. Bolton are in the grip of an injury crisis and the Imps should have been firm favourites for the game. It cost me money, I had three teams down for under 2.5 goals and the other two came in. If Lincoln had too I stood to take £75, instead I took around £20.

Also, with the game being called off, I got roped into doing the spare room in the afternoon. I walked 4 miles around my own house, instead of having a few drinks with some mates and watching the Imps. Still, the pictures look good, don’t they?

Speaking of pictures, I recalled a time back in 2010 when I wanted to do an article in a DF we were planning about postponed games. For those who remember, November to January was a snow-covered affair and we lost a lot of games to the snow; we didn’t play for over a month. On Nove,ber 27th we drew 2-2 at Hereford, with our next game a 2-1 defeat against Bradford City on New Year’s Day. What was more galling is we lost matches with Cheltenham, Aldershot, Oxford and Port Vale at a time where we had a squad that was picking up the odd result. In fairness, we picked up seven points from 12 in the rearranged games, but if that’s been nine from 12 we would have stayed up.

Oh well.

Anyway, around that time I’d been keen to do an article for the fanzine on postponed matches and contacted the club for any pictures they might have of games which had been postponed. The media team at the time were kind enough to send me a few through and I thought seeing as losing a game to the weather is topical, I’d include them here.

This is one of my own; it is from the matchday programme against Bradford City in 201 (as you can see, obviously). A couple of weeks before we’d been due to face Accrington Stanley at home and this was the scene that greeted the groundstaff. It was never going ahead! When it did get replayed we won 201, Darren Kempson’s last-minute own goal adding to a Steven Lennon effort in the 83rd minute to give us a 2-1 win.

Going right back in time, one of the first set of pictures the club sent me chronologically was from February 2nd, 2002. Referee Graham Laws had demanded a pitch inspection after torrential rain and called the game off quite late; it was replayed in March and we went down 2-0, Lee Nogan and Lee Bullock with the goals. I had to miss the replay as I was on Poacher duty at an England Under 21 game that evening.

The scenes are not that different from yesterday, so calls that modern-day footballers can’t hack a bit of rain are a bit wide of the mark. I have seen games in the eighties go ahead like this, one sticks in the mind where a Paul Smith shot got stuck on the line (against Hartlepool I think), but as I stated at the top of the article, this isn’t the eighties.

The standing water looks similar to Sincil Bank yesterday and in terms of player safety, calling it off was the right thing to do, both 17 years ago and yesterday.

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  1. Smashing article as usual, Gary. I was on the train from Hastings yesterday and reached Peterborough before the game was called off. I am told that it had rained heavily all night and the weather forecast meant that things could only get worse. I’ll wager this game could have been called off much earlier. Fewer frustrated away fans would have been in the city and yours truly would have saved sixty quid!

  2. With my senile memory I can only remember 1 abandoned and 1 postponed.

    Home to Crystal Palace in December 76 was abandoned after about 60 mins due to fog and a Boxing Day fixture postponed. Can’t remember who against or the year, around late 90’s early 00’s

  3. I went to Palace game Steve, pretty sure it was snowing that got it abandoned.
    I had come up from Tidworth with a Army mate who was a Palace fan.

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