Man v Fat coming to Lincoln

Since we went on to Patreon the adverts have gone, but when I got contacted to see if we’d help out with a Man v Fat promotion I jumped at the chance.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Man v Fat was founded by Andrew Shanahan in 2014. Having struggled with his weight for a long time, he joined his local slimming club, but it was aimed squarely at women and he struggled. This made him wonder – how many other men out there were struggling with weight loss?

In 2015, Man v Fat launched their football leagues, exclusively for men who want to lose weight. Players are rewarded not just for winning games but for losing weight too, with your weekly weight loss counting towards your team’s goals. It’s a concept that I came across a year or two ago and found (to my dismay) that there were no leagues close to me. There was one in Grimsby, but as I hadn’t had my jabs I didn’t want tot ake the risk.

There are now more than 60 Man v Fat leagues across the UK and that’s soon to be boosted by a further three. Lincoln, Boston and Skegness are getting their own leagues and it is great to be able to help push them. This is a hand-chosen Stacey West partner whom I feel fits the profile of the site; after all the editor (me) is a slightly overweight man who doesn’t play football for that reason (and the screws and rods in my back of course).

Man v Fat are the first weight loss scheme to be officially endorsed by the FA and have also received backing from Sport England, the National Lottery and countless local councils and football clubs. Their site claims they’ve helped men lose over 200,000lbs – are you wanting to be a part of that exciting statistic?

If you are, then both patrons and casual readers of the site can tap into this great offer: to save £5 on the registration fee use our special Stacey West code. You head over to, pick the league you’re keen to enter and use the code WEST8219 to get started.

The three leagues are launching in January and the details of location etc are below. We’ll be pushing this with banners and the like through Christmas and up until they start and maybe even taking part when they first begin and reporting on them through the podcast.

Just for clarity, this isn’t a paid-for post. Man v Fat have not sent me a cheque to promote this excellent initiative. It’s something I feel is a great idea for a couple of reasons; firstly the obvious weight loss, but also because it allows slightly bigger footballers to lose weight and compete in an equal environment. If you want more details visit the website or fire questions at me and I’ll pass them on to my contact at Man v Fat.

Why not sign up? Especially if you’ve got plenty to lose.

Lincoln League (Launches January 14th 2020): Yarborough Leisure Centre (Riseholme Road, Lincoln, LN1 3SP), Wednesdays 8-10pm

Skegness League (Launches January 21st 2020): The Pavilion (Wainfleet Road, Skegness, PE25 2EL), Tuesdays 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Boston League (Launches January 24th 2020): Peter Paine Sports Centre (Rosebery Avenue, Boston, PE21 7QR), Fridays 7.30pm to 9.30pm



  1. Thought this was a headline for yesterdays match report .

    Appleton/ Man v Fat / Evans but now realise it is a bit more serious.

    Evans pre match interview he cannot resist digs Fecklington good player he was mine when I I I I had two promotions , Payne good player we would have had him here at Gillingham but we don’t have that kind of money.
    What an odious repugnant man he is!

  2. Hey do you have any information about this weight loss programme ?

    It looks like a big program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for various opinion
    Before I build my decision.

    By the way I love your content continue doing this excellent effort.

  3. As an isolated Grimsby I have been doing Man V Fat for over a year and have lost 3 stone and kept it off. It does work and its alot of fun. We also play 11 a side all over the country. We also entered a the Annual celebration EVENT at the Etihaad stadium. Its not just about football we have lost games on the pitch bit ended up winning because of the teams weight loss. Give it a go no excuses, especially as its free in the first season.

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