Club Shop Extension Agreed – Why It’s Good News For The Imps

The club have agreed on an extension to the Waterside Shopping Centre Club store.

Before you all scream and shout this is old news, I’m bringing some opinion and a cartoon too, so hold your horses, yeah?

The statement from the club read:

“Following a successful trial period, Lincoln City and Elite Pro Sports are delighted to announce a six-month extension onto the deal with the Waterside Shopping Centre Club Store.

“The store in the city centre opened for business in August, and has since played a part in the unveiling of Tyler Walker, hosted a Fans Forum and members of the Imps’ squad have taken part in the Waterside Shopping Centre’s charity fashion show.

“To celebrate the extension to our stay in the Waterside Shopping Centre, in partnership with Elite Pro Sports, we are offering supporters free printing on replica shirts bought on Saturday, 23rd November (subject to printing and size availability).”

Imps Chief Executive Liam Scully said: “We are thrilled that Elite Pro Sports, the Waterside Shopping Centre and ourselves have extended the deal for us to maintain and develop our presence within the city centre.

“The first six months has been a huge success as we look to develop our relationships with the community at the heart of the city, in aligment with the fantastic work of the Waterside Shopping Centre and Elite Pro Sports to drive our day-to-day engagement in the city centre.

“We are keen to continue growing our presence at the store and within the centre of the city, and have a host of exciting events planned throughout the extension of our deal.”

Twitter reaction on the move was limited but I had to include some as our good friend Andy Pearson posted something positive, which really bucks the trend….

Personally, I see this as a big step forward for the club off the field. I know that the team will always be a reflection of how well the club does; lose games and everything else ceases to matter to supporters. From a business angle, the club need to generate as much revenue as possible, and they’re still operating the ‘small gains’ philosophy behind the scenes. Every small saving they can make, they will. Every gain that they can make without truly ripping off supporters, they will.

I’ve used the Waterside store on more than one occasion; twice I’ve popped in to buy something just because I was there and had a couple of quid in my pocket. The range has improved immensely since Elite Pro Sports took over and each time I go in, I find something new to buy.

In terms of Christmas presents, I’ve just told my Dad ‘club shop’ and he’ll do the rest. He got me cufflinks from there for my birthday, the first decent set the club have produced in years. The third shirt has been a marketing success too; these are things that are going right for the club.

Yes, every time we miss a chance on the field some smartarse will make a comment, but the club has to keep pressing on regardless of what is happening on the field. This news, coupled with an expected Christmas rush, is just what the doctor ordered for the club in terms of positive PR.

I will stop short of congratulating those involved in sorting the deal in fear of sounding like a sycophant, but I know for sure that having a city centre presence, so close to the new development of the Sincil Street area, is a positive thing for the club and the city.

I wonder how CJW took the news….


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  1. After running a 25% off everything before kick off the other night,i expect the town shop will do the same before Xmas !?

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