Stacey West Team of the Decade – Part One (Keeper and Defence)

Right Back – Neal Eardley


Courtesy of Graham Burrell

I wanted to exercise real caution when choosing my right back, because there were a couple of pitfalls to fall into and a big call to make. Had he achieved his potential, I suspect Paul Green might have got the nod here, but he struggled at the start of the last decade and just missed out.

There was also a big shout for Bradley Wood. I’m not going to shy away from the fact he brought trouble and strife to the club, but for a couple of seasons, he was a top player for us, rugged and committed and a Player of the Year winner. If only he hadn’t got himself into trouble, he might have been getting this shout.

He’s not though, Neal is. When I did the Stacey West all-time XI, he got the nod at right back. It’s not possible for him to get that and then be pipped by anyone here. I’m thinking 2017/18 Neal, the rampaging full back who came as a last-ditch trialist and ended up being one of our best players as we stormed to Wembley. He was key again last year and has to get the nod.



  1. Football League quality all day long? Was that day February 31st? He couldn’t defend in the National League and I’d argue the fact he is now plying his trade in the same league as fucking Boston tells you everything. He was bang average, and seemingly a complete twat as well. Really can’t believe you think he was better than Sam.

  2. Newton wouldn’t get into the Waddington United team in Division 2 of the Lincoln Sunday League. Toffolo, on the other hand, is destined to play at a higher level before long.

  3. Agree with all of the above comments.

    Newton ‘could have been FL quality’. Toff is, Sam H was until injury intervened, so on that basis alone both superior to Newton.

    Then it comes to the ‘minerals’ and Newton’s severe lack in this department explains why his career has gone the way it has, way too up himself and wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes under the Cowleys or alongside Bozzie.

    You’ve taken leave of your senses on this one! Rethink, please – close between Sam and Toff but Toff’s proven quality and consistency at a higher level shades it.

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