Stacey West Team of the Decade – Part One (Keeper and Defence)

Centre Back – Michael Bostwick


Courtesy Graham Burrell

Perhaps I owe Jason Shackell and apology here. maybe our most successful captain ever, Luke Waterfall can feel hard done by. Our team of ten years can’t include four defenders and for me, Bozzy gets the nod.

I’m not sure why. Perhaps Jason Shackell is a more accomplished defender, maybe Luke offered a little more up in the opposition box, but Bozzy has something. He’s got an ‘I don’t care’ attitude that resonates with the average Joe in the stands. He doesn’t care, he’s an enigma who didn’t even show up to his own contract extension press conference (hint MA).

When he does play, he’s another like Raggs that is fearless, snapping into tackles with equal ferocity whether playing Nottingham Forets kids in a friendly, or on the Wembley turf with history being made. We need him back right now, but he’s been instrumental in our progress to this level and that certainly makes him an easier pick than other players.





  1. Football League quality all day long? Was that day February 31st? He couldn’t defend in the National League and I’d argue the fact he is now plying his trade in the same league as fucking Boston tells you everything. He was bang average, and seemingly a complete twat as well. Really can’t believe you think he was better than Sam.

  2. Newton wouldn’t get into the Waddington United team in Division 2 of the Lincoln Sunday League. Toffolo, on the other hand, is destined to play at a higher level before long.

  3. Agree with all of the above comments.

    Newton ‘could have been FL quality’. Toff is, Sam H was until injury intervened, so on that basis alone both superior to Newton.

    Then it comes to the ‘minerals’ and Newton’s severe lack in this department explains why his career has gone the way it has, way too up himself and wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes under the Cowleys or alongside Bozzie.

    You’ve taken leave of your senses on this one! Rethink, please – close between Sam and Toff but Toff’s proven quality and consistency at a higher level shades it.

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