Team of the Decade – Part Two (Midfield & Attack)

courtesy of Graham Burrell

It seems Part One was very popular with you lot, although I have taken a few pelters for the left back. I’d apologise, but that’s my opinion. 

I genuinely felt at the time that in Newton and Miller we had Football League quality full backs. Newton could have played in the Football League had his attitude been right.

It wasn’t.

Anyway, opinion is opinion and I’ll stick by mine no matter how unpopular. I wonder if there will be any surprises today, any choices that have you lot reaching for the keyboard with foaming mouths and angry words forming at the front of your brain. I wonder.

Only one way to find out, isn’t there? Without further ado, here is part two.


  1. One player that is always massively over looked is Adrian Pătulea he only scored about 17 goals I think 12 in the league but the manager at the time Peter Jackson normally played him as a sub for 20-30 minutes.
    Adrian scored more goals per minute on the pitch than any other player of all time for Lincoln.

    But he may not be classed as this decade as it was 2009.

    Obviously you would have to include Yeo but not sure if the two would be suited to play together in this formation.

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