Fan Highlights 2018/19

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I put out a little appeal for some fan highlights from the last year, to help me through the (hopefully) final stages of this flu which has knocked me for six.

Here are a few responses for you to enjoy.

Charli Chmylowskyj

It’s difficult for me to pick a highlight of 2019. Living in Scotland means I don’t get to see many games in the flesh. The list of games that I’ve seen this year read like a collection of our worst performances.

I’d ended last season watching us be lacklustre against Tranmere at home, poor at Carlisle away and then tired at home to Colchester. Yes, I saw the trophy lifted but I’d not felt like I’d seen the fight and vigour others had. No away day at MK Dons for me, instead a community council meeting I couldn’t get out of; spent in Lockerbie library, while wishing I was on the train south.

That’s ok we have next season I thought. I’ll get to a game later in the year. And then I became so ill I couldn’t get to work. Stress, anxiety, depression, easy to write them down now, absolutely terrifying to try and overcome. I honestly thought I wouldn’t work or drive again. So I forfeited some games that I had intended on coming too. The journey down too overwhelming to contemplate. I missed the early good performances and results (top of league one, really?) but I was excited because I was back at work and definitely going to the bank in late September. Then we entered a period of mourning, the wheels fell off as the boys lost their leaders.

The Oxford game is best forgotten

No worries, we might have a new manager by the time I visit the bank?! And so I headed to Lincoln expectant and excited. The whole Clayton family were at the game to celebrate my cousin Rhys’ 40th birthday. 17 of us in the legends lounge anticipating a rebirth, a new beginning. Instead, we got pumped by Oxford 6-0 and my hubby (a Hearts fan) swore blind he would NEVER visit the bank again. Needing to feel like I wasn’t the reason we were tumbling down the table, I hastily rearranged some leave and left work early to head to Blackpool and meet my cousin for MA’s first game in charge. And so started the good performance, bad result period.

My only other foray to see the mighty imps this year was our draw in the FA Cup with Ipswich. A proper away day on the coach for Dad and I. So all in all I have to say that the highlight of my Imps year has been spending time with family watching us (mainly) lose but with the knowledge that the highs can’t be highs without those kick in the stomach despairing lows! And yes I am dragging the hubby back to the bank on New Years Day!

Cornell Brumant

This was my favourite highlight of 2019, because this was my first time going to a league one away game with the Imps fans, and also celebrating with the Imps fans. This was mostly with the 617 squadron fan base at Rotherham United when Tyler Walker scored the first goal and Harry Anderson scored the second goal. I went so crazy and started jumping up and down and this will be one of the greatest moments I will never forget.