Celtic, Man Utd & West Brom: Rumours and links analysed ahead of transfer window activity

Courtesy Graham Burrell

We’re officially into silly season. January, along with the summer, is the time that all the so-called former agents, EFL Hubs and anonymous kit men come out of the woodwork to fill social media with rumour, conjecture and repetition.

I hadn’t even got to the ground on Saturday before I was told John Akinde had joined Salford, Plymouth and Colchester, or that Huddersfield are buying Harry (Toffolo and/or Anderson) as well as taking Tyler Walker from us. And Joe Morrell. These are the sort of rumours that come from Twitter, often made up by people sat in their bedrooms. Come on, how hard is it to think ‘Danny Cowley’ and then throw a list of names he signed for us into the rumour? It’s not.

It’s the same with Michael Appleton. How many of these ‘in the know’ sites will be Googling his career, picking players he seems to have signed before and creating the link from there? It will happen and doubtless, Cornell will send me the link when it does! Cornell, who you may know as a steward at the club, has sent me every link the EFL Hub has made up this December for my comment. To be fair, it saves me having to follow these sort of accounts and get angry at their wild guesses and inaccurate knowledge.

Possibly heading back to Everton? – Courtesy of Graham Burrell

In terms of players going out, I’m not going to make too much comment. I would imagine we will see a few departures, almost certainly a few of the loan players and perhaps one or two of the first team squad. I don’t think it will happen before we get bodies in though; MA won’t be leaving us short for a crucial run of games such as the ones we have coming up. No, I would image he’ll bring a couple in, let a couple go and work along those lines until deadline day. The feeling I get from Michael is that most of the business he wants doing will be finished by the time the deadline rolls around, which makes for an interesting few weeks.

Who have we been linked with, what are the big rumours and which are likely to happen? Over the next couple of pages, I’ll be examining what is being said and give my impression of how reliable they are. What I would say is this; Danny’s business was often easy to predict. He did like a former player or two (Lee Angol a classic example) but Michael is not easy to second guess. Seriously, who could have plucked the name Zach Elbouzedi from thin air? Not me, nor anyone other than those close to the manager.

To that end, I think many of the names you’re about to read will be little more than a rumour but as it’s silly season, why not indulge the chatter for a little while?

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