‘If Carlsberg did transfer window announcements…’ – Reaction and analysis to the Imps’ busy day

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s been a busy day, hasn’t it? Four new faces coming through the door, or three and a familiar face pledging his future to the side.

Now, I know already people are saying stuff like ‘softening the blow before the outgoings’, but honestly, why can’t we just enjoy the moment and see what happens? I don’t think anyone is under the illusion we won’t sell someone or someone won’t go back to their parent club, that’s football. I am surprised with the negativity around players maybe leaving: surely, if one of our players is wanted by a Championship side, then as long as we get a decent fee it’s acceptable, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m falling into the trap of dealing in ‘what ifs’ rather than the news of the day. I did an article around 2 pm outlining the players who have arrived and who they are, which you can read here. I wanted to add a little bit of analysis and opinion to that. You’ll find some Twitter opinion at the bottom, not only from Imps but also from fans of the clubs we’ve dealt with.

I’m not going to start with the marquee loan signings, which is what they are. I will say this though; if we hold on to Tyler Walker and Joe Morrell through this month I firmly believe we’ll have the best collection of loan players we’ve ever had at any one time, at least in theory.

Anyway, my thoughts are first turning to Tayo Edun. I’ve listened to his interview and done a bit of research and there’s something I really like about this lad on a personal level. It may mean very little but I noticed he’s educated at Enfield Grammar School and that he’s very well-spoken. Okay, these are not traditional features of a footballer, but I immediately liked him when I heard him speak: then again I felt the same about Bernard Mensah when he first joined. However, once again, our crowd and atmosphere have helped sell the club to a player. Remember Mark O’Hara last season?

Opted to join us after seeing the crowd in action – Courtesy Graham Burrell

Edun seems to me to be a bit of a blank canvas; a player with a great range of skills who needs time to develop one area as his own. I also like the fact MA isn’t going to throw him straight in, warning he’ll take some time to get up to speed as he’s only been in Under 23 football. The lad is a permanent signing and that means he’s got time to develop and settle in without the pressure of needing instant results. Coupled with what seems like a very focused and grounded personality, I’m sure he’ll be a success for us in the coming months.

Max Melbourne already knows the club and of the four, his signing is perhaps the one few fans will get excited about. That’s not a slur on Max, but he’s been with us a while and as yet, has made little impact through little fault of his own. I’m heartened by the fact MA has given him a deal to develop for the future though. It’s inevitable that comparisons will be drawn with our previous manager and I’ll indulge that a little; how often did Danny take time to invest and develop new signings? His method was very much about buying in the complete article and that worked well, but at this level, we’re having to be a little savvier.

I don’t want to skew perception by building up two young men with little senior football

On to the two loan boys and both are really impressive acquisitions on paper. I say ‘on paper’ because I don’t want to start heaping pressure on their shoulders. Expectation is a heavy weight to bear and I felt Callum Connolly was a huge signing at the time but that proved not to be the case. Callum did well, but he didn’t move heaven and earth. Similarly, who thought Joe Morrell would be such a huge influence when he signed? Perception is a strange thing and I don’t want to skew perception by building up two young men with little senior football.

That said, I know Conor Coventry is a massive prospect who is rated highly at West Ham. He’s on that is looking to make the step up to Ireland’s senor squad and I wonder if a little regular football here will help. Also, I wonder how much Joe Morrell’s development had given players and clubs belief that we’re a great destination for their young talent?

The more I talk to Arsenal supporters the more positive stuff I hear about John-Jules. It seems to me that the lad is being touted as the next big thing to come out of the Gunners’ academy and that we’re very lucky indeed to have attracted him to our club. Make no mistake about it; these players are here because of Michael Appleton. Yes, we have the facilities now to attract top talent but without MA’s contacts and reputation, I suspect other clubs would be swooping in.

Would we have Joe Morrell without the excellent facilities? – Courtesy Graham Burrell

Back to that facilities point as well; do you think we’d attract these players, or even Tyler Walker and Joe Morrell, without the training ground? I don’t, not one bit. I know the previous manager is getting some stick and I know the training ground has raised some questions from some quarters, but our facilities are now in line with our support and the whole package is very attractive. Let’s give praise where it is due; Danny and Nicky’s vision might have been built on a promise many felt ended up broken, but the remnants of that ‘broken promise’ leave us in a great position to kick on.

What you have seen thus far this transfer window is the dawning of a new era. It may be an exciting step into a bold future, it may be a disappointment, but it’s new and fresh. It’s a change of direction, and refocus of the transfer policy and the introduction of the long game. I placed my faith in Michael Appleton, I can see where his methods are heading and I think, with his recent transfer business, we can see players being brought in the complement those methods.

Whether you’re apprehensive for the future, excited or indifferent, the Lincoln City of 2020 have taken a new turn and I don’t think there’s going to be many dull moments at either end of the field.


  1. The social media idiots are out and about this evening criticising the Cowleys for wanting to take Lincoln players to West Yorkshire. Unfortunately these rumours have no basis in fact and the irony is that two Championship clubs own Walker and Morrell! Why would they loan or sell to a league rival? The only Lincoln player on a contract and who is shining at this level is Harry Toffolo and he may be subject to a number of bids from clubs at our level and one above. One of those may be Huddersfield. Conversely, a number of fans are waxing lyrical about the new signings. I note their very young ages and history tells us that we will not know how good they are until we see them play over a number of games, It is unlikely we will see all of them in the some team for quite some time! In the longer term it appears this is the strategy we will need to follow to make money to survive at this level or move to the higher echelons of League one.

  2. I’m positive about new signings. If we can keep Morrell and Walker on top of that that’d really good team at MA disposal..
    I would now try to keep Toff ,Bossie and Bruno by offering them new deals.
    Outgoings? Surely there will be some. There must be..
    In ideal world we schould be only looking to offload the ones like Freck,Pett etc
    But as we are not living in ideal world there might be some offers for the ones like Bruno or Toff instead..
    We’ll see. So far so good though…

  3. I don’t want to tempt fate but my friend Alan is a big Bristol City fan and says they don’t need Joe Morrell back as they already have plenty of midfielers. Strange but true. Fingers crossed.

    • Danny signed him. Probably to have cover if we were to lose Toff in January which still might be the case. He was very highly rated LB. At one point considered as one of the best in this league so who knows ..?

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