Video: Imps v Portsmouth Preview

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

In the absence of a midweek podcast, we’ve thrown together a quick video preview of tomorrow night’s game against Pompey (which will most likely be ‘tonight’s game’ by the time you read this thanks to a combination of YouTube and BT).

You may be surprised to hear this when you see the video, but I am not up to speed with the latest advances in video editing technology, nor is my laptop one with a decent camera on it to capture stuff in HD. It’s a bit dark too: the light is right above my head so I used a torch to set some mood lighting.

Not really selling this am I? well, it’s better quality than a windswept morning dog walk, that’s for sure.



  1. Great stuff. I am liking these videos (the “dogging” ones and this one-off replacement) as they are more immediate and as such, more relevant. By the time the podcast drops it can be a day or two too late for some items. Content, great (as to be expected); presentation, ?. We just need a Stacey West YouTube channel now! Thank you for your continued insight. ❤️❤️???⚪️?⚪️

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