The Morning Dog Walk: Imps Financials & Foxes

On this morning’s rather breezy dog walk, I’m talking £2.2m losses while trying to stop my dog eating fox excrement.

Does the internet get any more niche than this?



  1. Interesting insight, although I missed bits due to the wind etc!

    Lets worry about the football and leave the finances to Clive Nates and his team. These guys know that part of the act inside out.

    Gary. I think you omitted to mention that during the financial year in question the LCFC received a further £1.4m in new shareholder investment. This does not form part of a profit or loss BUT it does balance the cash flow part of the business. So this plus the Cowley compensation means there is the same amount of cash at the bank. We all know that is what matters.

    This football club is building and investing – you don’t make profits when you are doing this, but you do build up your assets – like being a League 1 club with a fantastic training ground and academy.

  2. Not football related I know, but if you glue a small piece of fur or strands of cotton or wool etc. above the microphone on your phone, camera or go-pro, it will muffle the wind noise.(see youtube).

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