Tyler Walker: A more reasoned stance after Appleton’s press conference

courtesy Graham Burrell

The news I was expecting has now broken, Tyler has gone back to Nottingham Forest.

I think I’m over my petulant outbreak of anger last night. I know I’m meant to be the voice of reason, the one looking to find the silver lining to every cloud, but the last couple of days have done my head in if I’m honest. I think it’s the misinformation as much as anything, everyone is in the know, everyone with their own little bits of information. I even turned my phone off on Wednesday night because for some reason, I was a port of call for people looking for reassurances. Sadly, knowing he was offski, I couldn’t offer that.

I confess I was gutted yesterday when I found out he wasn’t at training and had gone back to Forest. I was a bit grumpy on Twitter last night, wishing Forest ill and all that, but I’m only human and occasionally I can overreact. I do think it’s late in the day to call him back but, if the original deal allowed for such an occurrence, then it’s not actually a bad thing to do. He’s their player and without them loaning him to us I have little doubt we’d be much closer to Southend than we are now.

I waited eagerly for the press conference this morning, hoping to hear noises about replacements, but didn’t. I still didn’t feel negative when I came away from listening to MA; he was honest about it being a blow and confirmed that he signed John-Jules as a replacement rather than to complement Walker. I do feel more positive when I listen to Michael, at least we’re getting some honesty. No, it’s not ideal that Tyler went, yes he had planned for him to be here and no, he couldn’t promise there would be one coming in but, if it was possible, he would do it. I did worry a little though; he kept talking about doing business before 5 pm and, as far as I know, the deadline is 11 pm.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Anyway, he then addressed the fear many have, including me, about age. Bringing in Eyoma was made possible by the fact Bozzy is nearing fitness, giving us experience at the back. That’s why he’s gone for a young centre back. He also made it clear back in December that he classes ‘experience’ as game time, not age, so Harry Anderson and Joe Morrell are experienced players. Michael is always calm and measured and he did seem to hint that perhaps the decision for Tyler to return to Forest was made because the player wanted to go back as well. I suppose if all three parties had to agree to it, but two wanted it to happen, there was no benefit in us digging our heels in. We just have to get on with it, right? I said on last week’s pod I was over Toff going because it happened two days ago and football only moves one way, forward. I suppose that’s the case now.

I’m not doing a live transfer blog today, they’ve always done okay but they’re a huge commitment, especially from 9 am until 11 pm (with me being on the radio tonight at 6 pm). Instead, I’ll just keep an eye out for the Lincoln news and have my laptop close by.

There’s no need for panic, not right now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and if we could apply it now we’d be much better off. Remember, last January everyone said we desperately needed a striker; we signed Lee Angol, he played a couple of times and yet we still went up as Champions. Did we need a striker? Did we need Jordan Roberts? No, so perhaps what fans think we need and what we actually need is not the same thing. However, go back to September 2017, when we missed out on Ollie Hawkins and Simeon Akinola, that did impact us. We missed out on strikers again in January 2018 and ended up playing 4-3-3 with all our forward players on the field.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

That’s where hindsight would be great. Could we get the wins we need to remain at this level without Walker and a new face? Maybe, if so, would you want us spending big wages and a transfer fee on players today, impacted our ability to do so in the summer? It’s a tough shout. Personally, I’d like to see a striker come in and maybe a winger. That said, I’m not the manager, I’m just one of a thousand managers on Twitter who think they know better than the bloke paid to do the job.

Some people are worried about the future. Here is the thing about worry; you’re either working yourself up about something that is going to happen anyway and you can’t change, or about something that won’t happen and therefore you’re wasting your time.

Bear that in mind as 11 pm draws closer (or 5 pm, eh Michael?).


  1. I listened to it assuming 5pm is the time we depart for Southend, not the time Appleton thought the window closed.

  2. We aren’t going to get relegated so first aim ticked off. Is it worth signing too many stop gap players to finish a couple of places higher then we are now and then have no resources for pushing on next year. Agree with Gary gain experience and consolidate for rest of season Invest and push on in the summer.

      • This was based on 50pts keep you up last 3 seasons with more games, based on that we require 13 from 45 to be safe and thats withTranmere getting more point from 18 games than they have from 26 so far. Hopefully this is achievable.

  3. Walker irreplaceable! How will we not be weaker up front and how do you replace him?
    I hope there is a contingency as strikers like him are as rare as diamonds.
    Bostwick back in midfield might help.
    Feeling gloomy!

    • ,,how do you replace him” ?
      It’s simple. All you need is a young boy from London with no experience in this scrappy league.

  4. My impression of Walker was that although he scored the goals he didn’t seem to be totally committed to the cause. Contrast that with Jo Morrell and you may see my point. It may be just down to personality but that was the impression I got!

  5. Important statement for me without him ( Walker) we’d be much closer to Southend well we ain’t got him and nearly half a season to go so can’t help being somewhat apprehensive do hope I’m wrong U T Imps

  6. Tricky though, the call last season for a striker was one of top quality to get goals, but what we got was Angol who didn’t really get to play. Right now we have everything pinned on a 19 year old lad who has played 4 games in his whole life and they are for us. Let alone if he is any good, what if he gets injured? Not going to panic but it is not exactly great right now. And our last two games we scored 0 goals

  7. I remember the last time “we were save” thankyou Mr Tillson! Heck of a responsibility on an 18year however talented who was struggling i believe on tuesday night.MApp like Clive is so cool,calm and collective but will be trying to get a striker in today i have no doubt.How about Coventrys striker who is still on the bench we were linked with before, Hiwula,on loan with a view to buy in the summer?
    Glad Morrell is staying with us but now only one booking away from a 2 game suspension .

  8. Taking into account players in, players out, and players out of favour, I think we’ll be a lot easier to beat after the transfer window. If we get in front in a game we could destroy teams, but having seen us against Ipswich and Portsmouth I can’t see how we are going to get the ball off people other than by sitting deep in front of our own 18 yard box. I’m worried by some of MA’s comments – he seems comfortable to let the oppo have possession and put crosses in because we’ve got 2 big’uns at centre back. Pretty risky.

    All that said, I think we’re only a player away from being a lot better. If we still had O’Connor in the middle I would be much more confident. We really need some strength and ‘wisdom’ in the middle. We are very soft at the moment.

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