1. Sound improved but get someone to buy or make a dead cat for you – other than the dog, obvs.
    The team, and the youngsters need experienced heads around them like Bostwick and Payne.
    Walker didn’t just score goals, he had experience.

  2. If all our striker options are rubbish which they are at the moment we should play our players like Hopper / Scully. At least they will gain some experience and maybe find their feet and some confidence after few games?
    What is the point of playing the same pair of poor loanees like Hesketh/TJJ.??

  3. Another very reasoned video, with good sound too! Nice one! I just wanted to mention Scully…. When he came here, I kept hearing the phrase that at West Ham he was “scoring for fun”. And really, that’s what we need at the moment. He may not be an out and out striker, but, as you said, JJ is lacking in confidence, Scully seems full of it, could he be worth a punt up front? Just a thought….

  4. Like the video blog some fair points made, I’m thinking the fans are getting fed up of some players not trying and giving 100%.
    The second 1/2 was poor in my opinion silly balls given away or wrong pass time and time again.
    MK out played us second 1/2 I couldn’t see us winning even if we were still playing on Wednesday.
    Most of us understand the fact that lots of new players need to settle in we won’t win game after game and we all know if your not winning fans can turn so easily. I hopefully understand that it’s going to take time for us to become the the team
    MA wants.

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