Who Should Replace Joe Morrell? The Options Assessed

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Before I start, this is an article discussing who, in my opinion, should start in place of the suspended Joe Morrell.

I am fully aware some of the options are non-starters. I am also aware that the manager picks the team and if you’re reading this (and probably live in Skegness) then a comment along the lines of ‘I’ll let the manager pick the team’ is not needed, cheers for your input.

It is speculative, offering the pros and cons as I see them. I wasn’t actually going to write about it, but it seems the Echo’s poll has thrown up Jack Payne as the front runner and a few people asked me my opinion. I gave it on Twitter, but there are pros and cons to each of the candidates. The Echo had six candidates, I’m going to work with seven as they missed one out.

Seven candidates but only six who have pages dedicated to them, I hear you ask (or you might have asked if you’d noticed). Yes, that’s right. Why?

Because (and I can’t stress this enough) Jack Payne is not an option.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s not because I don’t rate him, and he is here as a ‘candidate’ of sorts, but he is not an option to replace Joe Morrell. Payne is a number 10, Morrell more or less a six. At a push, and it is a huge push, you might have Payne as an eight but he simply isn’t an option to replace Joe Morrell, not even an option like two I’ll discuss who will not be in the manager’s plans. So, to kick us off, there’s a picture of Jack Payne above for you, a player I hope gets a shot at the ten role, behind the striker where he plays, but not in the six where he doesn’t.

On with the show, starting with my sixth choice and working up from there.


  1. I’d go for Ellis too, but what if Bozzie’s fit? Where would we fit him in? Surely not alongside another holding midfielder even though we are away, where a point would be acceptable. Dropping Shacks or Cian would be the other option. Comforting to see that we have a full and fit squad from which to choose.
    MA certaily going in the right direction, it takes time folk.

  2. I would consider only three options.
    1.Edun, natural choice there with Melbourne going back to LB.
    2.Grant as in my eyes he would be better as CM than winger. Only difference is I would go with Scully on the wing instead of ,,Zack attack” ?.
    3. Ellis who has cool head, quite few senior games under his belt for a young player and would be playing alongside experienced Bridcutt which may work nicely. Only trouble I can see is he did not play for a while now.

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  3. My choice would be Edun. with Melbourne returning at left back ( I think Appleton said either pre or post-match he’d only been left out against Milton Keynes because of setting up against that particular opposition). However, I strongly suspect it will be Coventry. I thought he looked a good player against Shrewsbury but hasn’t done as well since. But I agree about Chapman and that he could benefit from being alongside Bridcutt. He would also add a bit of height to the team as well, especially if Edun was left back.

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