The Morning Dog Walk – Hopper, Bridcutt and Bostwick

It’s time for another of my dog walks.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, it was time for one earlier when I did a Facebook Live. Now it is time for you to get to see it if we’re not Facebook friends.

I’m talking Hopper, Bridcutt, Bostwick and a bit more as the wind dies down and the sun comes out in the Wolds of Lincolnshire.


  1. First dog walk I’ve listened to and really enjoyed it!

    One thing I would say is I was sat at the front of the Stacey West on Saturday and I really saw some great play in Hopper when the ball was to his feet or down the sides, not forgetting he was isolated and had defenders all over him. I thought he linked play up well. Yes in the air he wasn’t able to do much. Don’t forget he actually created three chances of sort if you include him blocking the goalkeepers kick.

  2. Food for thought as ever. Two bits of advice. Take shorter dog walks and the colour clash between your beard and that hood was very disconcerting. Get rid of one of them!

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