Morning Dog Walk – Five Games I Would Love To See Again

This was filmed yesterday as the snow melted and the sun shone.

Today, it’s wet and dull. Might not record today. Five Imps’ games (or seven I think maybe) that I would love to see again, and why.


  1. Staggering memory for dates and facts Gary. Fulham away great memory Bourmouth 9-0I believe was Harry Rednaps first game, as caretaker manager. My go back to game would be Stoke City 2-1Leaague Cup wall collapse, Peter Shilton Alan Hudson and Jimmy Greenoff and 13,500 fans as an 11yr old what more could you want.

  2. Thanks Gary loved that. I have a lot more to think back on than most approximately 800 + games worth, lots I think about in the GT era, loved watching Peter Graham and Percy, but my stand out game is much more recent because of the lifetime battering I got for supporting the Imps, from my Uncle Vic !! who lived in Ipswich and was a Town fan and season ticket holder for years.
    We probably saw him twice a year, lovely bloke apart from when the subject of the Imps reared its ugly head as it always did. To say he looked down his nose at them was an under statement and this went on for ever until he passed away some years ago now.
    So you can see whats coming next ! Ipswich Town away January 7th 2017 FA Cup. Never thought this would ever happen and I even had to get two tickets in the home supporters to see it, trepidation of a heavy defeat coming our way, but I just had a sneaking feeling if they took us for granted and we had a decent day, we could get something.
    The ghost of Uncle Vic loomed heavy over Portman Road that day, we all know what happened, to say it was emotional was an understatement, I smiled to the heavens at 90 minutes, at his smile which had been well and truly wiped off his face !! ‘Just’ drawing never felt so sweet after all those years of ribbing and ridicule. The ‘mighty’ Ipswich Town had met their match in little old Lincoln City, the Mighty Imps. Beep wonderful !!
    Loved the replay of course but it did not quite have the same meaning as the first encounter, I gave Vic another smile though on January 17th 2017, my birthday as it turned out, what a present and thank you Lincoln City. Still like you though Vic ! and after all that he was born in Lincoln.

  3. Number one has to be the Fulham game. If memory serves, they scored from the free kick resulting from Thommo’s sending off. Exciting ending when we hit the bar… close. Two would be the home game against Barnet in the Conference. I think that was the first time I believed we could win it. Three would be the Stoke game…..their side oozed class. Lasting memory for me would be the kicking I received from Stoke fans after the game. The High Street was like a war zone. Four would be Woking away on the first day of the Cowley era. Getting a lift to the ground with Sam Habbergam’s mate. Before the game, placing a bet on Lincoln to win the title . And that sweet moment for Marriott”s goal! Five has to be the Wycombe game when I again drove up from Hastings in my 2CV. The scenes at the end will stay with me forever. And I remember being clear… we are back, we will never be relegated out of the league again!

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