Memorabilia Corner – The Odd Pieces

In the podcast this week, we were challenged to reveal our oddest bits of memorabilia.

For someone with at least six boxes of stuff, plus two filing cabinets full of bits and bobs, picking odd bits out wasn’t all that hard. In fact, for this article, all I did was swivel my chair 90 degrees, open the top drawer and pull out one folder. Once I’d been through that I opened another folder on my desk in front of me and snapped away.

What I’ve put together is a selection of bits I have, all perhaps odd in their own little way, with a story behind each, for those who may be interested.

This is a really special piece and I can guarantee nobody else has anything like it. For ‘odd’ I’ve also read ‘unique’ and it doesn’t get more unique than this. Courtesy of Roger Bates, I won this in an eBay bid back in the summer of 2016. It’s the original A4 mock-up of the first-ever Deranged Ferret fanzine, which had sat in Roger’s possession for years before he auctioned it for the Future Imps Fund.

It’s also signed by Colin Murphy, Imps’ manager at the time of DF starting. It’s as unique as they come and was at one time frame on my wall, but is now tucked away in a folder to save wall space!

Whilst we’re on unique, nobody will have one of these either. I’m not quite sure why our local MP chose to write to me to say congratulations for finishing outside the top ten in the Mascot Grand National, but she did. I was chuffed at the time, I thought I’d done quite well to finish so far up the running order (around 70 took part) and I framed this on my wall for a while.

This might not seem all that unique, but you’ll notice it is a complete ticket for the playoff final in 2005. I have the same for 2003 too, but it must have been in another folder somewhere. I expect many of you have the stub left, but few an unused ticket.

In both instances, I paid for entry to the game but when I turned up as Poacher I was told a ticket wasn’t needed and a seat had been allocated to me. However, in both instances, I sat in my allotted seat to be near those I’d bought tickets with. At the time, I kicked myself that I could have been £30 better off, but I suppose looking back it’s not as much of a big deal as it felt at the time.

To finish this page, we’ve got something I’m not sure anyone else has at all. It’s a scout’s report from Shrewsbury v Crewe in 2009, where someone from the club had clearly gone to watch Shrewsbury ahead of our game a week or two later. The document is 20-odd pages long and is really in depth too, fascinating stuff.

Graham Coughlan and Kelvin Langmead got a hammering (they’re 8 and 5 in the report), but just a week or so later Shrewsbury beat us 2-0 at the Bank, so the scouting was clearly some way off.

I’ve no idea how I’ve got this in my possession, I’ve had it a while though, maybe since 2009.


  1. Great stuff Gary ! I love the photo, for many years I stood behind the wall at, what is now the hospitality box end, with school mates which included Donald & Ian Nannestad. We were always right behind the goal and always looked forward to Percy Freeman barging the keeper and a CB or two into the nets. We must be on a picture somewhere…….

  2. Hello and how well timed Gary I was just thinking the other day I am going to sort out all of my old LCFC footie programmes during isolation, saw one on the top of the pile from 1968.
    one or two other bits as well to go through.

    Hello to Rob Scott above from way back when !

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