Stacey West Live Quarantine Event Proposed

I’ve been trying to thrash out a format for some sort of live event on the internet based around the Stacey West quizzes that we do, and I have a proposal that I’m hoping you’ll like.

I’m planning on running a series of live feeds, looking to find the ultimate SW Quiz Champion. The questions will all be on Lincoln City and the fairest way, as I see it, is to do a series of short head to head sessions in a knockout format. That will only work if I have eight or 16 entrants, so I first plan to do a live qualification event on Monday evening, at 7 pm.

The idea is this; on Monday you’ll need to be on Facebook and like the Stacey West page, which can be found here. As a technophobe, I’m not sure if there are better platforms to do it on, but if there are I’m not familiar with them and don’t want to start learning new tricks, being an old dog and all that.

I will start broadcasting at 6.50 pm tomorrow night, the quiz will start at 7 pm. I’ll have either eight or 16 questions ready and after each one, the first answer to appear in the comments earns qualification to the next round. If you get question one right, you’re through and have no need to keep playing. That will also form the draw for the next rounds; first qualifier will play second, third v fourth and so on. I’m expecting around ten or 12 to play, so it’ll most likely be eight into the knockout phases.

After that, I propose something a bit different. I’ll broadcast live BUT I’ll have both players on a WhatsApp call next to the microphone, so we can indulge in a little bit of chatter to make each ‘game’ entertaining to watch for the neutral too. Each knockout session will be maybe ten questions, I might be able to do some visual stuff or perhaps have you picking a season as your specialist subject for double points, I don’t know yet. Much depends on the popularity between now and tomorrow evening. We can have a bit of chatter about all things Imps too, although I’m not quite sure how good the quality of audio might be, we’ll see.

There will be prizes, I have some copies of my books, a few nice items of memorabilia and a club shop voucher or two here, so I’ll make sure winning is worth it.

If you want to play, just to give me an idea of numbers, please fill in the form below and let me know, adding your ‘specialist season’ if I do decide to use it. Make sure you follow the Stacey West on Facebook too; at present, I can’t think of another method by which to broadcast with ease and make it watchable afterwards, other than YouTube which is slow on my archaic internet.

If fewer than eight people decide they’d like to take part, I will still do it, but fewer than four probably won’t make it worth it. Look forward to seeing if this is a decent idea, or not.

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