Footballers Unite To Boot The Virus

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The football community has come together to launch a new fund-raising initiative aimed at the heroes in the NHS.

Boot The Virus is a campaign created by two football fans with the aim of uniting the amazing football community across the UK, in a bid to raise money for our incredible heroes in the NHS. They’ve asked professional footballers and their clubs to donate a pair of their matchday boots which are now on an online auction. It is giving fans the opportunity to own their own piece of sporting memorabilia with 100 per cent of the monies raised going directly to the NHS.

Josh Vickers, Neal Eardley, Jack Payne, Tom Hopper and Harry Anderson have all got boots on the site, as has former Imp Terry Hawkridge. Big names include David Silva, Jesse Lingard and Lucas Moura. The support from across the football world has been strong, offering a great chance for you to grab a pair. All auctions finish at 3 pm on the 25th May, which is when the Championship final match should have been played so it ties in with the end of the season.

It’s a great idea and a unique opportunity to own a piece of Imps’ memorabilia for those with the disposable income to do so. The boots are signed by the players and will make a great gift for someone, whilst raising money for those wonderful people in the NHS too.

I don’t need to tell you how important it is we support the NHS at this critical time. I’m not here for debate about whether the government have backed them properly, or about the virus itself, I’m here to promote a wonderful initiative in which the football community have come together to help a great cause.

If you want to get involved, you can visit the site at the link below.


For the record, we’re going for a couple of pair and, if we’re successful, they’ll be offered as a prize for the patrons of the site over the summer.