Pointless Lincoln City – Tomorrow Night’s Live Stream

After a bit of a delay, we’re finally going live with the first Pointless Lincoln City.

In truth, it has taken quite a bit more setting up than I anticipated and thanks to equipment malfunction, it is also a week late. However, in what could be a first and a last, we’re going to bring you a take on the game show Pointless, featuring Lincoln City.

I’ve polled a selection of fans and picked three players at random; Martin Gray, Shaun Symons and Keith Fletcher, all of whom, are ready and keen to get started. Featuring three rounds, we’ll try to stick to the Pointless format as much as possible. It really is a ‘suck it and see’ situation though, so if you like quizzes that are a bit offbeat and maybe prone to the odd disaster, then tune in!

We’ll be going live on the Stacey West Facebook page and possibly a second platform (if I can figure it all out by tomorrow night). The start time is 7.30 pm, don’t miss it. It could be a one-off!