‘The fairest of unfair solutions’ – Liam Scully on possible season curtailment

I’m due on Hope and Glory very soon and have been listening in to Liam Scully as he discusses the possible end to the current season.

League One still hasn’t agreed on a conclusion and anyone expecting that to be concluded this week will be disappointed; Liam believes that the decision could be June 1st, hopefully no later than June 4th.

The current leaning seems to be towards ending the season early and then having promotion and relegation, as well as a possible play-off round as well. That would make the Imps safe, but Liam insisted that the club’s stance was not about self-interest; both him and Clive have always edged towards finishing the season properly, but it really doesn’t look possible right now.

That could lead to legal issues; Michael Hortin heard a report where Mark Palios alluded to possible legal action if Tranmere were relegated, whilst Darragh MacAnthony has already confirmed he will pursue the situation through the courts. However, Liam believes that the unique circumstances mean the EFL aren’t simply making it up as they go along.

“This isn’t somebody just changing the rules because they feel like it,” he told Michale on air. “This is a set of unique circumstance that I don’t think anyone could have forecasted.

“The one thing I will say whilst we’re still waiting for clarity from the EFL is that they want to stay as close as they can to the regulations and there aren’t regulations that decide what happens if a pandemic hits the country.

“I do think we’re looking at the fairest of the unfair solutions.”

The current situation could see Coventry and Rotherham promoted, Tranmere, Bolton and Southend relegated with Oxford, Fleetwood, Wycombe and Portsmouth in the play-offs, with Peterborough missing out.

Listen in to me around 2.45 pm this afternoon.