NHS Fundraiser – I’d Usually Run a Mile From Exercise

Some of you may have been following my live Facebook posts recently about a feat my neighbour, Frenchy is doing for the NHS.

He’s undertaking a 48-hour challenge, which means he’s running a mile, every hour, for 48-hours. If that isn’t enough, he’s then doing pull-ups and press-ups after each mile. That’s two solid days where the maximum sleep he’ll get is 30 minutes, if at all. It’s a great effort and he’s aiming to raise as much as possible for the NHS. He’s currently broken the £800 mark and I’m hoping we might be able to get him over the £1000.

This morning, however, he laid down a challenge to me: join him for a mile. Before we dissect that, here is my video from yesterday explaining his challenge.


This morning, as he got back from yet another mile, he challenged me to join him for a run. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Run a mile? If I do, which I now intend to, it will be the first mile I have run without a comedy suit on since I left school. I don’t do run ning as leisure and my exercise is spent walking the dog at my pace. I did play squash a few times last year, but I haven’t done any running for a long, long time. I resist attempts to get me involved in anything too; my partner did one of those obstacle ‘fun runs’ not long back, but the words ‘fun’ and ‘run’ fit together as naturally as ‘healthy’ and ‘fags’, or ‘enjoyable’ and ‘salad’.

However, as Frenchy is doing great things, I will join him for a one-mile run. We’ll both wear a Lincoln shirt too, making it relevant to the site. His challenge is far, far greater than mine, but this will be a huge ask for me. My back has been steady now for quite a few months and I have been two weeks free of tramadol too. I feel fitter, perhaps not all that much healthier, but what better way to start my drug-free existence than raising money for the NHS, the service that gave me back the ability to walk a mile, let alone run one?

Of course, this isn’t about me, but in joining Frenchy I hope you will all have a dig around in your pockets for a couple of quid to help get him to the £1000 mark. His aim is £2000, which would be amazing, but I just hope that by bringing this great community of Lincoln fans together, we can put a few quid in the NHS coffers for the future. My partner is an NHS worker, I know so many people who have had their lives transformed by the NHS, including myself, so for once I’ve decided to run a mile, a drop in the 48-hour endurance ocean for Frenchy, but hopefully a little bit of help for him in terms of motivation and a little thank you from me for giving me my mobility back.