Stacey West Live – Retained List Reaction

Here’s my Stacey West Live broadcast around tonight’s retained list.

Apologies to those leaving comments on my Facebook profile version of the video; only ones from the Stacey West group show on my dashboard.



  1. I can understand the demands of financial situation but these releases have to be balanced against our staying up in Div One. No doubt we will be recruiting throughout the summer but will new “bargain-basement” recruits be good enough to keep us up? Some of the squillions that are sloshing around the Premiership is badly needed now in Divs 1 and 2. Without us, there won’t be any professional football worth the name. Maybe a few pudgy rich hands will be forced into the trough. Who knows?

    • I think there’ll be a bit of a reset this year, and most clubs will end up being able to sign players for half what they would have last season. It’s going to be a buyers market. Players have bills to pay too and I don’t think their agents will have much luck pushing the prices up

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