Beware: The Scourge Of Post-Season Has Started

I often get sent tweets, newspaper articles and the like which relate to Lincoln City. I like the fact people don’t want me to miss anything and sometimes I get a good story or angle from such information.

However, I felt moved enough today to write about the type of news story I don’t like. Let me give you an example.

This is the sort of account that I urge you all to pay absolutely no attention to at all. They prey on your for likes and retweets, rehashing old news stories and making up completely new ones. They’re not journalists, they’re people sat in their bedroom making stuff up. It infuriates me, especially when I then see people debating their utter shit on social media. These accounts (and this one isn’t the only one) are already on the case, making up their rumours, and yet who is signing players right now? Nobody. I saw one the other day linking Neal Eardley with Scunthorpe, you know why? Not, I would imagine, because he is talking to Scunthorpe, but because he lives near here, has been released by us and they’ve put two and two together. It’s a scattergun approach to rumours, throw six or seven out there and concentrate on the ones you manage to get right.

In some instances, they take a rumour from elsewhere, usually somewhere reputable like Football Insider or HITC, then mix it in with their own and claim to be right again. It might seem harmless enough, but they’re talking about people’s lives. At least newspapers and reputable websites do have some contacts and certainly, with the likes of Pete O’Rourke, there is usually some truth in what they do. However, these sites tend to just go after a few likes on social media by throwing 50 tweets out a day and hoping one sticks. Where I ask you, does someone like ‘EFL Hub’ get such rich and varied information? Are they connected to the game, or writing for a top paper? Or are they just making stuff up?


There are a couple that really get to me, but EFL Hub EFL Zone are the worst for it. EFL Zone does mix theirs in with a bit of news here and there, but when they were called out for copying a baseless rumour on the tweet above, they hid the reply!

I’ll give you a few more examples at the bottom of this page as to why you shouldn’t listen to them, but of the last 20 tweets they put out about the Imps, I couldn’t find one that wasn’t either already in the news or known. What I did find, were this collection of gems which I’ll leave you with.

Remember, don’t believe everything you read.

Didn’t move, was never coming here.

Moved to Salford

Didn’t happen

Really? Port Vale, a team in the same division at the time?

Sunderland didn’t come calling but don’t worry, they have another rumour for our Tom


Wait, what? I thought he was off to Port Vale?

Sorry, you’re a day late with the made-up shit..

We’ve been linked with him since before time began. Modern-day Michael Bridges

Sam who?

He was never coming to League One, obviously

‘Hand to face emoji’

Where did you get that gem from lads?

Surely, there is one they’ve got right, isn’t there?

Nope, wrong again

When he signed for Gillingham, they broke that exclusive news too

Not if Sunderland have anything to do with it, right?

We’ve speculated on which WBA youngsters Appleton might sign, but never stated it as fact….


  1. All goes back to the golden agre of clubcall. People who worked for that have said on day 1 you say someone is interesting in going. Day 2 you add a bit of meat to the bones with a few extra clubs and supposed terms. Day 3 you get the comments from the clubs saying they are not interested. Day 4 you get a quote from the player and the current club to say there is no chance. Then you go back to day 1 with a new player. If you are lucky you will get an agent who will give you these stories because they want to boost a player’s profile (see the sad case of Emiliano Salla)and can give you the added detail

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