Father’s Day Ideas Featuring Lincoln City

There is an AoF and Matthew J Wood here, my Paul Town's are hung in the office

Father’s Day is coming up a week on Sunday and, if you’re anything like me, you might be struggling for gift ideas.

My Dad is, as you all know, a Lincoln City fan and I’ve been thinking of getting him something from the club shop as a gift, in order to help the club as well. These are challenging times and the retail side of the club has taken a huge hit, just like every other aspect.

I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite offers and items from the club shop, as well as a few other ideas, for you to consider. If you get on it this weekend, you should ensure delivery by the time the day arrives.

Clearance Sale

The first thing to consider is the clearance sale. There are some cracking pieces in the shop, many of which will be discontinued at the end of the season. ‘Disco’ stock doesn’t necessarily mean your Dad will be sporting last year’s clobber though; we’ll still play in red and white and we’ll still have the same badge. Some of the training kit looks pretty smart and although the club shirt will be ‘old’, it will also still have value.

You can find the sale here and I’ve always found the shop to be pretty swift in deliveries. I’d double check delivery times though.

Retro Kit

I love these retro shirts and I believe the club may be looking into different designs next year. Much of that will surely depend on how they sell and at the moment, it looks like they’ve gone well. Bear in mind, they came out around lockdown time and yet the GMVC one has sold out in all but one size.

The 1983/85 version is still available though and if your Dad is a shirt wearer, it would make a superb purchase. They’re good quality, quite lightweight and very faithful to the original.

Bits and Bobs

The club shop has benefitted from an increased range since switching to Elite Pro Sports and there are some nice little bits and bobs you can get if you don’t tend to go overboard on Father’s Day. Back when I worked for Jackson’s I coloured my tape measure in red and white and wrote LCFC on it in permanent marker so I had what I thought was a unique bit of kit. If you have a Dad who does a bit of DIY, why not grab him a Lincoln City tape measure? There are a few other bits that are a little different too, such as the dog lead, or maybe an etched pint glass. If I had kids, and I don’t count the dog, I reckon I’d like nothing better than a pint glass for my bar. Might your Dad like the same?

The Big Apple

This might not arrive before Sunday, but it would be a great gift nonetheless. The insanely talented Chris Wray has released his Imptoons Yearbook for premium preorder. This premium preorder option will guarantee a signed copy of the 56 page Imptoons Yearbook charting Lincoln City’s 2019-20 season through the cartoons of CJW. Anybody buying through this option will also get a personal thank you in the acknowledgements section.

Chris hopes to place the print order in w/c 15th June, so the magazine will be sent out a couple of weeks after that, all being well.


Shameless self-plug, but I have a few books on Amazon that would make great presents and all should arrive before next weekend.

Suited and Booted is my account as my life of Poacher and has been around for a year now. It has got mainly good reviews, which was nice, and if your Dad hasn’t read it, it might make a nice purchase. I also have a review of the season out for the last three years, each of which is linked below.

Suited and Booted

2018/19 Season Review

2017/18 Season Review

2016/17 Season Review

I might even pick up the keyboard and do one for the last season too.


There is an AoF and Matthew J Wood here, my Paul Town’s are hung in the office

I’ve got a bit too much Imps’ art around but if your father hasn’t, then there are a few options.

Paul Town Stadium Portraits does great work and have some Imps’ stuff around.

The Art of Football has worked with us in the past and I firmly recommend their work too.

Finally, Matthew J Wood has a couple of nice pieces, an ‘art deco’ style ground shot and a Subbuteo-themed champions poster.

Face Mask

Lincoln City FC Imp - Stripe

Finally, you could get him a face mask in the Imps’ colours. £1 from each will be donated to the club and it does look increasingly likely that we’ll need to wear them more and more when we’re out and about. Time to get ahead of the game?

Hopefully, those ideas have helped you get you Dad something Imps’ themed for Father’s Day without the hassle of going and and ‘staying alert’.


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