Video: Jack Payne discussion and which Hogwarts house would Conor McGrandles be in?

I sometimes do a video called ‘The Morning Dog Walk’, which is me, live, on my morning dog walk.

It’s available on The Stacey West Facebook Group live, or you can get it back on my YouTube channel usually half an hour or so afterwards. However, I will occasionally put them up here too, although they are intended to be an alternative to the written content, which is why I don’t fill my site with them.

They are rustic, to say the least, with my focus almost as much on my unruly dog, stray cows and possible tractor interactions. However, they’re growing in popularity, so if you don’t want to miss one in future make sure you follow me on Facebook or YouTube.

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Until then, here’s today’s video.



  1. “We can’t judge yet.” As truisms go, you’re on the money. However pundits like you earn their corn by making judgements before they can be justified, as you did with Jack Payne before he’d kicked a ball for us. All we can do is go on the evidence and, given, there’s precious little of that, we’ll have to wait and see. However the transfers in at the end of last season – Bridcutt excepted – did little to assuage the post-Cowley jitters. The departure of Bostwick did the opposite.

  2. Would you have Sean Long back?
    I think he was a decent player but Eardley was in great form then.

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