Analysing the current Imps’ squad on the Morning Dog Walk

I did this video as a unique, patron-only post yesterday morning for those people who are generous enough to subscribe to the site and help keep me going.

However, having spoken to a selection of those patrons, they wanted to ensure the content reached as many people as possible, which means you lucky lot get to see it as well.

I’m talking the current squad, positioning, tactics and what we might need before the season starts. Enjoy.

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  1. Nice article…..A review of how we can watch (Not in person at at the ground) the games live as non season ticket holders (or if we can buy a season ticket to watch) would be good. Ie how can we watch the crewe league cup game and the Oxford league game.

  2. There is no information about anything from the club at the moment, the supporter contact is non existent, apart from when they ask for a fiver to view a friendly match when most other clubs let their fans enjoy it for free.

  3. Hi Gary.information when we are going to receive our season tickets, information on what the seating arrangements will be come October.information if we are going to be able to sit and also go with our friends to the same match. also no information about the friendly with Leicester City match report, who scored etc. am I wrong asking more more info ?

    • Reference the friendlies, the problem you have is the media team are not allowed to the training ground without having a Covid test, so the only information on those games comes from the manager’s chats to the Echo. I think there was a report that said Tayo Edun and Tom Hopper scored in that game, which we lost 3-2.

      Reference the arrangements for the new season, at the moment the situation is not clear from the government. Much of the post-Covid setup is going to be dictated by government guidelines and the results of their test matches, like the recent Chelsea and Brighton friendly. It is in the club’s best interest to get the information out there as soon as possible, but it sadly isn’t viable right now as they can’t tell you what they don’t know themselves.

      I would also argue that you probably don’t need to know when you’ll get your season ticket right now, as we know we’re not going to be allowed into games. The club has a lot to be dealing with in the awful ‘new normal’, arrangements are fluid and ongoing and staff have only just started to return from furlough. I’m led to believe all the work is being put in and in these unique circumstances, we must try to be patient, certainly on issues that have little or no effect in the next couple of weeks.

      I hope this helps a bit and thank you for commenting and engaging with the site.

  4. Great analysis. Agree with everything.
    Well, apart from that Elbouzedi bit. Still nothing great from him in my eyes. Cool finish against Scunny yes, but what exactly their keeper was doing is really hard to say ?
    OK to be honest I watched him only in the Oldham game (where he was absolutely useless) so maybe I have missed something..
    I think, when fit, Archibald could be our first choice at right wing. For now Scully.
    And yes we do need one more striker. This time there won’t be Walker around so we will need to provide great service to the ones we will have. We will also need more goals from other areas too. Better set pieces than last season could be helpful…
    I am excited about new season of course but football without fans it’s not the same is it …?

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