‘Comfortably the best’ – These Imps fans react to third kit release of the summer

Credit LCFC Twitter

The Imps released their third shirt today, at it seems to have been met with widespread acclaim.

It’s a tried and tested colour, Lincoln green, with the Imp in black and white. there are certainly shades of the 2016/17 shirt, or as most see it the FA Cup shirt which we wore at Burnley and Arsenal, which doubtless endears it to some supporters.

I’m not a huge fan of having a third shirt at our level, but I understand the desire for it as a commercial venture. The front of shirt sponsor is Peregrine, as it is on the home shirt, whilst C.A.L.M features elsewhere, courtesy of LNER. C.A.L.M, or Campaign Against Living Miserably, is a charity I’ve been aware of for many years having supported some events during my time at Howdens, and through some of my own personal struggles. It is nice to see the charity feature on the shirts, especially given the furore over the gambling partner on the home shirt.

The general consensus seems to be that the club have done well this season. The home kit, although slow to grow on me, was widely applauded as being retro, a bit different and yet still appealing. The away kit has had a similar effect, with the club sticking to the ‘pub shirt’ philosophy of the past few years and seemingly managing to keep fans happy. Now, they’ve added a kit that makes 2016/17 retro, whilst adding a new twist to a tried and tested colour.

Kit releases are, for me, overhyped by some fans and have little consequence on your season, but at the same time, they’re important from a commercial point of view. This season, the club should have little issue shifting all three, to those with the disposable income to afford them. What I would say is performances can make a good kit great, or a bad kit good. Look at the Kwik Save bag of 2018/19…. I hated it and yet I still have it on my wall as the title-winning kit.

If we get into the top half of the third tier for the first time since I;ve supported City, then these three kits will all be classics.