The Best 100 Players of a Generation – You Decide

We are fast approaching episode 100 of the Stacey West Podcast, even though I keep forgetting to promote it on here.

Rest assured, we are. We recorded and published Episode 96 this week, meaning that in four weeks time we are into triple figures. We had wanted to do a live show of some sort, but the ‘rona has put paid to that. Instead, we’re going to do an interactive live experience.

Here’s the plan. You, as Lincoln City fans, send us five nominations for the best Imps player of your life supporting the club. You must number them from one to five for the scoring system. We will collate the results and hopefully, get a ‘Top 100 Players of a Generation’. There’s the 100 tie-in, Clever, right? I thought it up all by myself.

Ben and I then record a special live pod, most likely on the video stream, where we discuss the top 100, and run through the top 25 one by one. We’ll talk about our memories of said player, or bring in guests who can talk about why they were the number one. We might even be able to get the actual player himself. Hopefully, we might get a couple of hours out of it, producing a show well worth watching.

What do you have to do? Easy. You have to vote. There are two ways of doing that, either using the form below or emailing your top five to The closing date for votes is Saturday, October 10th (Dad’s birthday for anyone wanting to send him a beer) at which point we’ll start to plan the show. All being well, and this is me speculating without talking to Ben, we will record the live podcast online on or around October 22nd.

We will be promoting this a bit over the coming days, maybe Ben and I will reveal our top five and we might get a couple of other faces to reveal there picks before the final run down. Remember, you can use the form below or email

Remember, we are not claiming this is a vote for the best players of all time and we do not intend to diminish the achievements of players who may not have featured during many of our reader’s spells as fans. We want to create debate and discussion around a generation of players, and hopefully provide a show worth listening to.