Fans Player Scheme Launches Christmas Foodbank Campaign

Today sees the launch of the Fans Player Scheme Christmas Foodbank Campaign.
The campaign is needed now, more than ever before. The recent pandemic has left families struggling even more than normal in the run-up to Christmas. Many families have been reliant on foodbanks in recent years, with increasing numbers expected to look for help over the festive period.
The FPS will be kicking this off with a £250 donation and the idea is to raise as much money as possible, then turn that money into Lincolnshire Co-op vouchers. The vouchers will be taken to the Lincoln Foodbank for them to give out with the food parcels during the Christmas period.
The official FPS statement continues: “The first people we will be talking to are our amazing sponsors, some of which have already committed their support. If anyone knows of any other businesses that want to get involved all we are asking for is a £20 donation, also if any individuals would like to make a small donation you can get in touch with us through Facebook messenger or by email. We know that we are a football community and our main aim is always to raise money for the football club but this is something we just couldn’t ignore.”
The campaign will run from today, from November 15th, through to December 15th and the target will be to raise £1000. This will help 100 people/ families have a better Christmas and put a smile on a few faces. The FPS will provide regular updates on how they are getting on, regularly mentioning all the businesses that have donated.
“The main thing is we are doing something and hopefully together we can make a difference and as always remember “ we’re all Imps, aren’t we?
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