Thanks, No Thanks – Swindon Town

No Thanks: Pat Kanyuka



I’m sure Pat Kanyuka was a decent player at some point in his career. He would have to be right? He played for QPR and Swindon so somebody must have seen something in him. Steve Tilson certainly did and he signed on a short-term contract ahead of our relegation battle in 2011. His first game was a 2-1 win away at Bradford, but Kanyuka only lasted 45 minutes before being substituted and (rightly) blamed for the first goal.

After that auspicious start, he struggled to break into the first team, although he did appear in the 5-1 home defeat against Shrewsbury as a second half substitute. He started the home clash with Rotherham which everyone remembers. He didn’t finish it though, he was sent off after 62 minutes with the Imps trailing 4-0. They scored the resulting penalty on their way to a 6-0 win.

Unsurprisingly he never played for Lincoln again mainly because he was completely rubbish and cumbersome. Swindon had him after QPR and before us, although he didn’t arrive directly from them. Still, cheers for not putting him out to graze or something.