Season Ticket Holders – Have You Activated Your Account?

Yesterday, the club put out a communication asking ST Holders to register their tickets. 

They need you to register your details on Ticketmaster ahead of a possible return to the stadium in late December. Once we move out of Tier 3 in Lincoln, fans can return to Sincil Bank, but it is a logistical challenge for the club.

Social bubbles, distancing, St groups, ballots – it is all going to be very challenging and doubtless will cause a few problems. For now, what you need to do is access your account for the following reasons, as specified by the club.

  • To ensure that all of the details provided are correct.
  • Have access to our ballot system once supporters return.
  • Add family and friends using the ‘my network’ feature.
  • Familiarise yourself with the new layout.
  • Access season ticket credit which will be accumulated, more information on this will be announced in due course.

I had a couple of queries and issues, due to my own incompetence, so I thought I’d help you out if you are having the same.

Supporter Number

I had an issue when asked for a supporter number – I didn’t know what it was. The club has said that it was initially sent out in August when people were first asked to activate their e-ticket account. I confess I had deleted my email, but the club informed me of my number. If you are a little less free-spirited about deleting email, you may find your number by going back to august and looking for the email asking you to activate your account.

Already Activated

Once I got my number, I tried to activate the account and found that I had, in fact, already done so. I, therefore, got an error message asking me to change my password. I did that and logged in, which I think satisfies the criteria the club are asking us to fulfil. I appreciate I’m not the brightest man in the world, but as I had a few problems I suspected you might too, hence this ‘handy’ guide.

Further Help

If you have any further queries regarding your season ticket, or if you are unsure of your (1 to 4 Digit) supporter number you can email the club on this address – or contact them via WhatsApp HERE.

Be Aware

Finally, and this is as much for my Dad as anything, be aware there will be NO physical season ticket for this campaign. You will be provided with a digital ticket if successful in a ballot, which in turn will only happen when Lincoln emerges from Tier 3 restrictions.