TV Date Doesn’t Mean a Windfall For City

The Imps match with Peterborough United has been selected for TV coverage, but it doesn’t mean a big windfall for the Imps.

After being on TV more than Emmerdale back in 2016/17, we haven’t graced the screens for a while now – indeed our two last televised fixtures were Mansfield and Bury, both of which we drew. In those instances, the club would expect to make somewhere in the region of £30,000 according to local media.

That’s the fee Sky Sports pay, but sadly with fans not being allowed into grounds, that benefit won’t be as steep. That’s because iFollow will not stream the game when the Sky TV cameras are there, and that means a loss of revenue for the Imps, something local media place at around £20,000. That means the club coffers will be boosted by around £10,000, not the significant sum some might have hoped. Furthermore, there is the further obstacle of ST holders who do not have Sky Sports wanting to stream the game, which it is reported they (we) will be able to do.

The new kick-off time for the Saturday, January 9 clash will be 12.30pm.

Whilst the money will be gratefully recieved in the current climate, it is the kudos of the situation that will be the biggest boost for the Imps. To be selected for a game means our achievements are being recognised and I think we reap the beenfits not only of our good start, but also of the personable approach our manager takes with press. His appearance on Quest recently proved that for the second boss in succession, we have a man the TV cameras want to love. He understands the wider game, and is a great interviewee, and that does help. I recall back in the 93/94 season, when our game against Bolton was selected for TV viewing – we also had the cameras come down and film some training and generally get around the club. Once a broadcaster knows they can work with a club I think that helps with prolonged exposure and, in turn, maybe investment from outside the club, which we need right now.

That is why I welcome a TV appearance, whether it brings a huge slice of money or not. There is the added possibility of some fans being back in the ground at that stage, although a test event would be the likely outcome of any tiered reduction in two-weeks time. That said, I don’t think the government have that much intention of brigning us out of tier 3 anytime soon. In fact, I think the only person truly fixed on seeing Lincoln City into tier 2 is Michael Appleton and, unlike a politician, I trust him to make good on his word.