Stacey West Podcast Christmas Special Tonight

Following the success of our recent 100th episode, we are going back on camera this evening to celebrate the year that was 2020.

From 7 pm Ben and I will be live on YouTube and Facebook with the usual podcast stuff, as well as a look back at the last 12 months. We’ve both picked some moments that we want to look back on, and we have a couple of guests coming on talking about their top moment too.

The Stacey West podcast has run for 109 episodes now and has featured the likes of Michael Appleton, Clive Nates, Liam Scully and Harry Toffolo, amongst others. We have had some laughs and a few (almost) tears, as well as the odd rant or two. Tonight, after a truly horrible year, we will have a few beers and you can get involved. We’ll be tracking your comments and we might even get you on if you are watching at home, who knows!

It all starts at 7 pm and we expect to be on for an hour-and-a-half, so crack open a can and come and join us.