Red Imps Community Trust Documentary

This was something I was intending to look at before Christmas, but for my sins, I have only just managed to have a look.

Last year, the Red Imps Community Trust turned 20. it’s been a turbulent time and some events from around our relegation didn’t do their reputation with supporters an awful lot of good. In recent years, much has changed, and few can downplay their involvement in saving the club back in 2000/01.

Younger supporters who do not understand the role the club played in our history should take a look at the documentary, without a doubt. I remember those days (which is a surprise given the recreational choices I was making). I will never forget the walk around the City trying to get people to put change in buckets – so few cared. A handful of dedicated people, led by Rob Bradley, drove a scheme forward to put a supporter on the club board, an opportunity afforded by the late John Reames. That was the start of the future, so to speak.

If you get eight minutes spare, click the link below and have a look. The Trust hasn’t always been beloved by supporters, but prior to 2008 (ish) and since 2016 (ish) it should be. It is one of the few Supporter’s trusts still in operation, two decades after inception, and it does still have a vital role to play.

Red Imps Community Trust Launches Mini Documentary