Match Day Live – 11am Tomorrow Morning

I appreciate there is a bit of news around at the moment. I’m sure you have read that we will be without players tomorrow.

It’s a concern, right? Who might be missing? Who won’t make the game? Will we still have enough to beat Posh?

If you want to find out the team, the best place to do it is by watching Match Day Live tomorrow, with Sam Ashoo and of course, me. Despite the game being on Sky and probably having build up in the studio I wonder who they might get on….) you can still get your Imps’ dedicated programme ahead of the fixture. Don’t forget, it is a 12.30 kick-off, so we’ll be on air between 11am and midday.

Not only will you get the team news as it drops at 11.30, but also an interview with new boy Morgan Rogers, and some words from midfielder Remy Howarth too. There will be some of Michael Appleton’s press conference for sam and I to discuss, and as ever we’ll have an opposition fan on the show. We’ll even be looking back at the 2-1 win at Wimbledon which ensures no matter what the outcome tomorrow, we will still be top of the league.

After the game, Ben and I will be recording a podcast too, dissecting the action and hopefully dropping in time for an early evening listen. Sadly, due to me not being 100%, we haven’t recorded this week, so we’ll be hitting you with the first pod of 2021 after the game.

Plenty to look forward too!

You can watch Match Day Live on the club’s official YouTube channel, here.