Where Are They Now? Five Players Linked With City Since MA Took Over

Credit Graham Burrell

The January rumour mill is in full effect, but the new Lincoln City are much harder to second guess than before Michael’s time.

I seem to recall predicting moves for the likes of Andrade, Pett Grant, Payne and Tyler Walker long before they happened, and that wasn’t through being told anything on the quiet. Our transfer policy meant targets were usually easy to spot, something not quite as easy under Michael. Who could ever predict we were looking at Lewis Montsma? Who could have guessed we might be in for the likes of Morgan Rogers?

No, the club’s current transfer strategy is not straightforward, it is not predictable and in terms of providing you with salacious gossip, it is not easy. I don’t like to fill my pages with articles about who might leave, but there is a real absence of news about who might come in. The usual suspects, Nixon, O’Rourke, Football Insider, and the EFL Hub (okay, the last one is a joke) are in full flow, but not uttering the name Lincoln City. We may be becoming a closed book, which might not be such a bad thing.

That’s not to say we haven’t been linked with players during Michael’s time and so for a bit of fun, I thought I’d look back at six players we were linked with last winter, or over the summer, but who we did not sign. All of these were mentioned by reputable sources as possible targets, but where are they now? Have they thrived with the moves they subsequently made, or have they stayed put and impressed? If nothing else, it might remind you of a few names we were once linked with, to give you something to mull over.