Stacey West Player of the Month for January

Credit Graham Burrell

The numbers are in, they’ve been counted and verified and we can now announce the Stacey West Player of the Month.

For those who do not know, we have a function on the site where you can rate each player’s performance game by game. Beng a spreadsheet nerd, I then collate the information here at Stacey West HQ and turn it into a Player of the Month, as voted for by you. Eventually, we will have a Player of the Year too. In addition, we can rate the best and worst collective performances of the month, and the best single individual performance.

Without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we? Or, should I say ‘with a little further ado, because it is important to understand why Conor McGrandles isn’t in the top three this month’?


  • To qualify for the Player of the Month, a player must have featured in more than 50% of the club’s matches.


  • Also, if a player comes on after 75 minutes, his rating is not counted in the total, as a 15-minute cameo should not impact a rating over a season. Subs who get quarter of an hour, or more, do have their rating counted.#


Special Mentions


Credit Graham Burrell

It would be remiss to start this without mentioning Conor McGrandles. He only appeared in three of the six matches, having been injured over Christmas, which just leaves him outside the criteria for Player of the Month, but the three he did play he was outstanding. He averaged 7.63 across the three matches he appeared in, better than all three of the other players on the list. However, to deliver something over seven across five or six matches is a stronger challenge, hence Conor not making his first appearance on the podium.

Also another mention to Tom Hopper, who did qualify with four outings, and got 7.45, the same as Tayo Edun, again, as Tayo had played more, that left Tom in fourth, but he too had a good month and certainly deserves mentioning. All round, it was a super month for the lads, with 12 players scoring seven, or higher.

In what was a great month for the Imps, it is also pertinent to mention TJ Eyoma. who finished with the fourth-highest points total despite scoring under 7 in the first two matches. He’s been exceptional over the last few games though, and it is ominous for the incoming full backs that not only is he scoring well (7.32), but the player in third is on a great run too.


3rd – Tayo Edun 7.45


Credit Graham Burrell

Tayo Edun has got better and better as the season has gone on, and this is his first appearance in the top three. He’s turning into a quality left-back, something likely to be challenged by Cohen Bramall’s arrival, but if Edun does lose his place it will only be to challenge elsewhere. His passing is usually spot on and he seems to move effortlessly up and down the pitch. His distribution has been excellent all month, and he chipped in with a goal against Wimbledon right at the start of the year, a goal which proved to be crucial in a 2-1 win. His performance against a stubborn Northampton side drew a rating of 8.2, earning him a Man of the Match award, and since that game, he’s barely put a foot wrong.


2nd – Jorge Grant 7.48

Credit Graham Burrell

January wasn’t always easy for our vice-captain. He missed a penalty against Peterborough but lifted spirits right at the end of the month by penning his new deal. His scores for the month barely dipped below seven, and an impressive outing at Wimbledon (8.3, MoTM) underlined how important he is to us. A goal and a 7.8 against Accrington, as well as another 7.8 against Portsmouth, saw Grant haul in a superb 7.48 overall. Such was the quality of his performances that score would have seen him named Player of the Month in November and December, and it only bodes well for the future that the inspirational midfielder is bang on form.

1st – Anthony Scully (7.52)


Credit Graham Burrell

It hasn’t always been easy for Anthony Scully to impress. He started the season in the side, found himself very much the 12th man in terms of the pecking order, and then was handed a chance due to Covid and the like through January. It is fair to say, he seized it with aplomb. He scored twice in January, earning us a point against Peterborough and all three against Northampton. He earned Man of the Match against Peterborough on Sky and could well have done so in any of the games he’s played. He’s probably not a wide player as such, but his constant running, endeavour and tendency to shoot from anywhere has earned him plenty of rave reviews from fans. It bodes well for the club that in four months of us allowing you to rate players, for different faces have won PoTM, showing what depth and talent we have across the whole squad.

Previous Winners

October – Jorge Grant 7.62

November – Harry Anderson 7.14

December – Tom Hopper 7.03