SW Podcast Episode 115 Out Now: More Padding Than Poacher’s Suit

It’s time for another episode of the podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We’re talking Imps, Hull, Accrington, a bit of Sunderland and the snow in the wolds. Starting with some inane chatter nobody cares about, we find ourselves weaving our way through the 0-0 draw towards the Accrington game.

Expect some xG stats, some other numbers which seem completely random and Gary contradicting Ben, often seemingly just for the hell of it.

We’ll finish talking iFollow, the big raffle and a bit of padding at the end. That’s our promise to you, all you need to do in retirn is get your ears wrapped around it for another week and pretend you like it. Deal? Good.

PS – What you do miss, off-mic, is Ben’s wife kicking off when he reveals to me he’s bought a 3D printer without telling her. Comedy gold and apparently the cause of me needing a new co-host as (I think) she’s going to kill him. Not literally, I hope, but get your applications in now just in case. No knowledge of football is required.

PPS – Poacher’s suit did have a lot of padding when Gary was a 9st weakling at the age of 19, but by the time he hit 35 (years, not stone) it wasn’t the suit carrying the protection, it was his ample ginger frame, meaning even a red furry comedy fat suit was too tight.