Have You Entered The L.I.S.A Raffle?

I’ve been meaning to promote this for a while now, but with my hectic schedule of podcasting, writing, Life on Mars and Fallout 76, I’ve criminally not done so.

However, I have contributed a (hopefully great) prize, a bundle of season reviews from the site, charting out Football League adventure. That’s right, all three of my books since we came out of the National League, with every match report, transfer rumour and expert analysis over three seasons. Yes, they’d take a while to read, and you might not be able to do so on the beaches of Benidorm, but a chalet in Skegness will do just fine this summer!

Of course, this isn’t the top prize, you can win a signed men’s squad shirt, or a limited women’s home shirt, as well as other excellent prizes. It’s an Easter raffle, and the cause is very good indeed.


L.I.S.A wants to purchase season tickets for use within the community, helping fans from diverse backgrounds attend games. Fans for Diversity is something the excellent FSA have pushed for a while now, with a view to including those groups who may feel they cannot come to football matches. I find it desperately sad that there may be a little boy or girl in Lincoln who wants to come to a game at Sincil Bank, but cannot because of their ethnicity or cultural background. It does echo my own experiences of the eighties in some way, but back then it wasn’t your background that made parents reticent to send you to a game, but the violence. I’m sure had football been seen as ‘safe’ in the early eighties, I would have been at the bank much earlier. Who knows, I might even have seen Gordon Hobson play the first time around, albeit as a six-year-old.

Anyway, times change, football changes and with the help of groups like L.I.S.A, football has become much friendlier. So, why not buy a ticket in their raffle here, maybe win a signed shirt or, if you are lucky but not quite as lucky as some, you could get a pile of my books too. I even think Ben has given one of his model Sincil Banks to the cause too, which is great.

Me, with L.I.S.A representatives at the FSA Awards in December 2019