SW Podcast #122 – Blackpool, Sam Long and Pure Misery

Oh dear.

I am away for one week and the pod slips into misery and despair. Even Andy Pearson (insert a load of seemingly irrelevant emojis here) claims it was too negative, a man who would claim he was disappointed with five numbers and the bonus ball on the lottery (more irrelevant emojis here) because it could have been six (end with emojis). If we won the title undefeated, Andy would question whether we could have won it better, and yet even he struggled in the opening few minutes of this episode.

I think Ben and Jake have been missing football too much. Not that I have actually listened yet, I’ve been too busy discovering a sitcom called Uncle on Netflix. I’ll give it a go later, promise.

If you’ve watched Uncle, then I guess this is a decent thing to listen to, even if it will completely destroy any confidence you have this afternoon. For the record (and I’m not just saying this), I think we’ll get something.

Please listen next week. I’ll make sure Ben says positive things.