SW Podcast Episode 123 – MK Dons, Bristol Rovers and Fun Gary

I’ve always wanted to write those words. Fun time Gary.

A world where I am needed to inject life, soul and positivity into the podcast is a strange world indeed, but after Jake and Ben both took a handful of downers before recording last week, that’s what we needed. Mind you, four points and six goals from two matches certainly makes it easier to be upbeat, doesn’t it?

What’s not to be upbeat about? We’re fighting for a place in the top six, it’s going down to the wire and for the fifth year in a row, the Imps go into the last month having plenty left to play for. Football is about excitement, hope and belief. Even Rochdale fans have a tiny bit of hope they can survive, it is what drives us. I won’t hear a single word of ‘getting to the end of the season‘ when we’re fourth with seven left to play.

Anyway, if you like xG, Bristol Rovers previews, Ben and me bantering about stuff that isn’t relevant and me saying the words ‘I’m going to disagree with you there Ben’, then this week is for you.

Enjoy, at least a little bit more than last week.