SW Podcast Special: ‘Chris Waddle Thought I was Paul Farman’s Dad’

Picking a headline was tough, but it was either this or ‘Cohen Bramall Smells Lovely’. Not sure which is better, so I used one on the blog and one on Podbean.

In this one-off special, Graham Burrell, club photographer for more than 20 years, joins Gary in The Staying Inn for a chat about the Imps, his career snapping pictures and his time as an Imps fan. Sadly, Ben chose to go to the tip instead, so he’s not on, which is probably why the sound is a little rubbish and the editing seemingly done by a third-year playing with recording equipment for the first time.

We talk about Peterborough United, Bubs’ career as a fan and as a photographer and discuss some of his favourite moments. It’s one not to be missed, even Charlie gets in on the act, as usual.